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Clinical Trial: CD34+ stem cells for chronic myocardial ischemia

Stem cells are beginning to make their way through clinical practice.

I happened to surf on Jack's stem cells' blog, a direct account of a promising clinical trial in Wisconsin, whose purpose is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of intramyocardial injections of adult stem cells in patients with refractory myocardial ischemia. This means it's a Phase II trial

In other words, this means taking CD34+ bone marrow stem cells from the patient's own blood and injecting them in those areas of the heart that are not receiving the appropriate blood flow. Wow, this is indeed a promising perspective!

If we want to go in detail we can check the fact sheet at

These trials have often very limiting eligibility criteria: this is to get the best, non biased, information from the study which is still a clinical trial, not a routine procedure.

Enrolling for a clinical trial gives the opportunity to access to new research treatments (in this case with your own stem cells) before they are widely available.

I warmly suggest everyone to read the Understanding Clinical Trials document on

My best wishes to Jack